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About Company » Gruchot-Wojtkowiak - Horses are our passion, which helps us to create only the best products ...

About Company

Sp.C. Gruchot-Wojtkowiak

My company prospered for many years on the Polish market and abroad, specialized in the provision of services blacksmithing (forged gates, fences, racks, etc.), production and restoration of horse carriages, stables, stalls, and is also fully equipped with Us stables.

My company is not only the production and restoration of horse carriages, stables, stalls and stables complex equipment. For several years, we provide recreational services. When you have some free time come to us and you'll see that there really was worth it. You can spend a mile in our time with family, away from everyday life during the carriage ride, or ride on horseback. We also offer special events and organizing outdoor events.

In our company we have a shop where you can fully equip your stables and a complete professional riding equipment.

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